• L’Associazione Spiazzi – Isolab – Darkroom – @Isolabdarkoom  · Art gallery – 2017
  • Dawawine Beirut: Synapses 0 : SUPER8 SCREENING AND CINE CONCERT: With live music performance by Sharif Sehnaoui.
  • Film Festivals: History, Theory, Method, Practice è – 2016
  • Filmmakers Fest – 2016
  • Kino Otok- 2016 (Izola, Slovenja), with live music curated by Elvis Šahbaz. 14 KOLUTOV, 14 mest, 14 režiserjev: kolektivni eksperiment, posnet na super 8 mm trak.
  • 14 kolutov + kvartet ZOC –Slovenska kinoteka – 2016
  • Filmforum 2016, with live music curated by Rocco Marchi and Francesca Baccolini, and with the participation of Renato Rinaldi. The guest of honor of the evening will be the master Boris Lehman.
  • 14reels: World Premiere 23.10.2015- via Sant’Isaia 20 – Bologna Home Movies – Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia – Six Gates Films


14 Reels

super 8mm / digital | 1440x1080 | 52'


Produced by

Barnabil Produzioni

Co-produced by

Home Movies Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia

Six Gates Films / La Camera Ottica / C.R.E.A..

With live music performed by Sharif Sehnaoui at Dawawine Beirut

14 Reels distributed to 14 Directors in 14 Cities around the World to celebrate the Super8 50th Anniversary.

Each of the 14 participating authors received one round of film tape and one hint: city. City as a movie character, venue or starting point for an intimate journey on a large canvas that invites you to collective reflection on our attitude towards the city.

[An anthology film, 2016]