• Vidéographe : Member of the Board of Directors
  • MENA Film Festival Vancouver:  Member of the Board of Directors
  • Société d'histoire de la seigneurie de Chambly
  • UNIVERSITY OF CONCORDIA: Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling: Community Affiliate
  • Zoom out / Hors Champ: Member of the editorial committee

Chantal Partamian is a filmmaker and archivist known for her exploration of themes like migration, identity, conflicts, and obsolescence. She primarily works with super 8mm and found footage. In her role as an archivist, she focuses on preserving and restoring reels from the Mediterranean region while conducting research on archival practices in conflict areas. Partamian's films have gained recognition and awards at numerous festivals and are distributed by Vidéographe, Groupe intervention Vidéo (GIV), and the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center. They have reached audiences at various international festivals, spanning Germany, Canada, Lebanon, Armenia, France, Egypt, and Croatia.


Beyond her individual projects, Partamian has contributed to numerous films in various roles, such as cinematographer and senior editor. She has also taken on responsibilities as a producer, a trainer in guerrilla filmmaking, and a consultant in social media and filmmaking. Additionally, she actively participates in the editorial committees of "Hors champ" and "Zoom Out," two esteemed cinema publications.


In April 2020, she initiated the "Temporal Assemblages" online project on Instagram, inspired by Vinegar Syndrome—a film degradation process. Operating under the username @Katsakh, it encompasses three components: "Katsakh: Mediterranean Archives": A personal collection of super 8mm and 16mm non-fiction films capturing Eastern Mediterranean towns and villages from the 1930s to the 1970s. "Capsules and Experiments": A creative exploration of celluloid's materiality and the interplay of temporalities through experimental filmmaking. And "Obsolescence": A compilation of cherished and valuable obsolete frames and footage.