Katsakh in the press:

  • Le Blog du Festival du film franco-arabe: Rencontre avec Chantal Partamian : autour de son projet KATSAKH 2 décembre 2023
  • Al-modon:  ترميم الذاكرة المصوّرة...شانْتال برتميان: أتلفْ أرشيفاً تَمحُ شعباً, زكي محفوض , 2023/06/21
  • Analog Cookbook, University of North Carolina Press, Issue #5, 2022: Analog futures | Katsakh

Katsakh | քացախ

Katsakh | քացախ is the Armenian word for vinegar.
It is also an online project 
of obsolete collections started in April 2020 and  inspired by the vinegar syndrome.
“Vinegar syndrome is a chemical of degradation  that occurs with cellulous acetate film”


Katsakh is divided into 3 parts:

  • European Media Art Festival № 34 - 21/04 -02/05 - Osnabrueck - Germany

Artist and curator Nour Ouayda (Beirut) presents a series on the history and present of video art in Lebanon. In Show Us the Money and We Will Resist, she traces the role that the resources and networks of Lebanese television played in the development of video art in the 1990s, and what new media infrastructures have taken their place to enable both artistic experimentation and intervention in society.

  • International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2021

Under the title "Prophecies from the Sea", the curators are showing a programme "about the prophetic nature of cinematic works created in moments of transition". This includes both recent films that deal directly with the catastrophic explosion in Beirut a year ago, its causes and consequences, and older works that focus on earlier historical upheavals in Lebanon and its conflict-ridden history. Films by Chantal Partamian, Ali Cherri, the Atlas Group and Ghassan Salhab, among others, will be screened.

  • Burnt video art and experimental film festival

Invitation for an Artist response for BURNT video art and experimental film festival's 3rd edition program 4. Response through a short film " a declaration of doubt or a state of puzzlement" and a written program introduction.